Japan Hawaii Roots services have changed and we are willing to assist in the research online during the medically restrictive times. Please contact us at

Initial Service:

Step One – Send an email to or to be in touch with Japan Hawaii Roots to discuss your needs and start your search for your ancestors. There is no charge to send the email and inquire. Search for Japan koseki (we have an official documents contact in Japan), Hawaii and US records (NARA) to include government listings like immigration, census, social security, birth and death, internment, passenger manifests and military records (not on the internet), etc. Discovery of Japan residence cities will lead to further documents like family registers, kakocho (family death record), honseki (domicile record), etc.

Step Two – The discovery of equivalent Japanese documents with English translation will be compiled and further research for other documents (like koseki (family register) from more specific sources in Japan will be made. Some verification of lineage may be required at this point. Japan Hawaii Roots will aid in this process. Fee covers translation, service charges in Japan, printing, mailing, supplies and other fees.

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Japan Hawaii Roots

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Send Request Form to: Japan Hawaii Roots, POB 533, Holualoa, HI 96725.

Partial proceeds will benefit the Hawaii Japanese Center in Hilo, Hawaii (Big Island). Please visit them at 751 Kanoelehua Avenue, Hilo, Hawaii 96720 or at Please contact us with any questions and concerns. Email: or at Japan Hawaii Roots, POB 533, Holualoa, Hawaii 96725

Additional Services:

Step Three: Getting in Touch: Japan Hawaii Roots understands the various reasons of wanting to discover your lineage and we can further assist you in making the connection (including travel to Japan) with the personal information from the documents discovered where you can see and experience first-hand the wonder of your own genealogy. Further research could lead to the discovery of your original family gravesites, family crest (kamon) and the many stories and adventures surrounding your family history. Part of the Getting in Touch step is to do hands-on documentation of these stories, experiences and meetings. Fees will be determined by the rates of travel, accommodations, interpreter and other costs. Contact us to discuss and make arrangements to “get in touch” Email: or at Japan Hawaii Roots, POB 533, Holualoa, Hawaii 96725 for more information.

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